Sri Vidya College of Engg & Tech


SNo. Date of the EventType of the EventEvent Details
107-04-17 IoT Security Tool WorkshopA Two Days National Level Workshop on IoT Security Tools 07.04.2017 and 08.04.2017 Sponsored by CSIR(Council of Scientific and Industrial Research)
224-03-17 International Conference International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Engineering and Technology (Icon Etcet‘17) in Association with National Cyber Safety and Security Standards & ICT Academy of Tamilnadu, Chennai on 24th March, 2017
323-02-17 WorkshopA Two Days National Level Workshop on Python and R Programming 23rd and 24th February, 2017
418-02-17 Guest LectureA One Day Guest Lecture on Cyber Forensics on 18.02.2017 supported by National Cyber Security Standards
528-01-17 Technical DebateData Protection Day celebration - Technical Debate for All Students
629-12-16 Faculty Development ProgrammeICTACT FDP on Introduction to BigData Analytics on 29 & 30 Dec 2016
708-12-16 Faculty Development ProgrammeA Two Day Faculty Development Programme on Design And Analysis of Algorithms (CS6402)
803-11-16 Faculty Development ProgrammeICT Academy Presentation Skills Level 1 by Mr.K.Nirmal Kumar
924-09-16 Guest LectureGuest Lecture on Theory of Computation
1009-09-16 WorkshopA Two Days National Level Workshop on Cyber Security Issues in IoT on 09.09.2016 and 10.09.2016
1116-08-16 Faculty Development ProgrammeICT Academy - Oracle 5 Days JAVA FDP - 16.08.2016 to 20.08.2016
1228-04-16 SeminarDigital Signal Processing by Dr. B. VijayaKumari
1318-04-16 SeminarArtificial Intelligence by Ms. M. K. Kavitha Devi 
1402-04-16 SeminarMobile Management by Mr. R. Dharmaraj
SNo. DateType of the EventEvent Name
102-04-16 Guest LectureGuest Lecture
224-03-16 ConferenceInternational Conference on Information, Communication & Electrical Technologies (icon ICET 2016)
303-03-16 WorkshopNational Level Workshop on Data Science analytics on R Tools
417-02-16 Guest LectureGuest Lecture
513-02-16 Association Activity Association Activity
610-02-16 Guest LectureGuest Lecture
725-09-15 WorkshopA Two Days National Level Workshop on Eucalyptus,cloudsim,Hadoop,Open nebula(ECHO)
808-08-15 SymposiumFEISTY-2015 Intra Department Symposium