Sri Vidya College of Engg & Tech


Dr.K.Sankar Ganesh
Professor & Head

The Department of Management Studies (DOMS), Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology focuses to develop ethically valued and wealth managers who can contribute their best to serve the corporate and the society. Our graduates are trained in domain area to shine and to secure university ranks at Anna University. The students are also trained to acquire all significant skill sets to become efficient manager and we aim to bridge the gap between the skill sets of the candidates and the corporate expectation.

The department offers on the job training, part time job, in-plant training and expert interview to enhance the knowledge and problem approaching skills of the young managers. We follow appropriate teaching pedagogy to ensure effective learning. We offer a link between the corporate officials and our students through Marketing, HR and Finance Clubs. We involve our students in consultancy activities to enhance their problem analyzing and decision making. In a nutshell our students are prepared to face all changes happening in the corporate world in a dynamic manner.