Sri Vidya College of Engg & Tech

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SNo. Photo Name of the Faculty DesignationEmail -ID
1 Mr.C.BALA SUBRAMANIAN Associate Professor
2 Mr.G.Gnanasundar HOD&Assistant Professor
3 Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Assistant Professor
4 Ms.R.SURYA Assistant Professor
5 Mr. A. Mohamed Abubakar Sithikali Assistant Professor
6 Mr.K.Chandrabose Assistant Professor
7 Mr.K.Kalaipandiyan Assistant Professor
8 Ms.B.Boomapriya Assistant Professor
9 Mr.R.Amuthaselvakumar Assistant Professor
10 Ms.C.Nagananthini Assistant Professor
11 Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Assistant Professor
12 Ms.R.Gurulakshmi Assistant Professor
13 Ms.A.Hariramalakshmi Assistant Professor
14 Mr.B.VITHYA Assistant Professor
15 Ms.M.ANANDAVALLI Assistant Professor
16 Ms.P.PRIYA Assistant Professor
17 Mr.A.J.RICHARD ANTO SEERALAN Assistant Professor
18 Ms.K.ROJA BANU Assistant Professor
19 Ms.S.P.ARCHANA Assistant Professor
20 Mr.N.Arunachelam Assistant Professor
21 Ms.D.PRASANYA Assistant Professor
22 Mr.S.VIGNESH Assistant Professor
23 Mr..R.TEEPACK Assistant Professor

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SNo. Name of the Faculty Publication
International ConferenceInternational JournalsNational Conference
1Mr.G.Gnanasundar 111
2Mr.G.Gnanasundar ---
3Mr.R.Pandiyarajan --4
4Ms.R.SURYA 111
5Mr. A. Mohamed Abubakar Sithikali 1-2
6Mr.K.Chandrabose 31-
7Mr.K.Kalaipandiyan ---
8Ms.B.Boomapriya 1--
9Mr.R.Amuthaselvakumar --2
10Ms.C.Nagananthini 1-1
11Mr.S.Keerthipriyan 1--
12Ms.R.Gurulakshmi ---
13Ms.A.Hariramalakshmi ---
14Ms.R.Gurulakshmi ---
15Ms.A.Hariramalakshmi ---
16Mr.B.VITHYA ---
18Ms.P.PRIYA ---
20Ms.P.PRIYA ---
22Ms.K.ROJA BANU ---
23Ms.S.P.ARCHANA ---
24Ms.S.P.ARCHANA ---
25Mr.N.Arunachelam ---
27Mr.S.VIGNESH ---
28Mr..R.TEEPACK ---
30Mr.S.VIGNESH ---
31Mr..R.TEEPACK ---
33Mr.S.VIGNESH ---
34Mr..R.TEEPACK ---
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SNo. Name of the Faculty Guest Lecture / WorkshopOrganization
1Mr.G.Gnanasundar FDP on "Engineering Mechanics"NCE,Maruthakulam
2Mr.G.Gnanasundar FDP on mechanics of fluidsAnna university ,tuticorin
3Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Mechanics of Solids”Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology,Virudhunagar.
4Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Earthquake Engg & Design”Sri Sowdambika College of Engineering,Aruppukottai
5Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “AUTOCADD 3D modelling”Kamaraj College of Engineering,Virudhunagar
6Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Building Information Modeling & Construction”Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology,Virudhunagar.
7Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Durability and Earthquake Resistant Design”Sri Sowdambika College of Engineering,Aruppukottai
8Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Awareness of Civil Softwares”Kongunadu College of Engineering& technology ,trichy
9Mr.R.Pandiyarajan Workshop on “Concrete Mix Design”TCE , Madurai
10Ms.R.SURYA workshop on Advanced Experimental techniques & Research Methodology in concreteRathinavel subramanian college of engineering and technology,Dindigul
11Ms.R.SURYA Workshop on Prefabricated StructuresRathinavel subramanian college of engineering and technology,Dindigul
12Ms.R.SURYA Workshop on Double layer space gridsRathinavel subramanian college of engineering and technology,Dindigul
13Ms.R.SURYA Workshop on Staff development Programme Sri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology,Virudhunagar.
14Ms.R.SURYA FDP on Mechanics of solidsSri Vidya College of Engineering and Technology,Virudhunagar.
15Ms.R.SURYA Workshop on Modern Trend in Concrete Nadar Saraswathi College of Engineering and Technology,Theni
16Mr.R.Amuthaselvakumar Workshop on Modern Trends in Infrastructure Engineering PracticesAlagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology,Karaikudi
17Mr.R.Amuthaselvakumar Seminar on NEW ROADS TO GREEN ROBUST CONCRETEExcel Engineering College,Tiruchengode
18Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Workshop on "Design and Detailing of BEAM -COLUMN JOINTS"Anna University, Chennai.
19Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Workshop on "ETABS"Excel Engineering college, komarapalyam
20Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Workshop on "Advanced Concrete Composites"A.C. College of Engineering, Karaikudi.
21Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Workshop on "Indian Seismic Zones"A.C. College of Engineering, Karaikudi.
22Mr.S.Keerthipriyan Seminar on Sethu Institute of Technology, Pulloor, Kariapatti.